My name is Georgiy. I am a witch.

My family in the female line for many generations engaged in magic and now I continue that tradition. Even as a child my grandmother began to teach the craft and continued my mother. Already 16 years I could hold their own ceremonies and improving every year, I came to realize that I have now. For 16 years, I have received and helped the vast number of customers. People turn to me with a completely different problems, and for each, I pick up exactly what you need it to him. I help only those who are desperate and have tried all the ways to solve this problem without resorting to magic, otherwise I give time to reflect on the need for intervention. A lot of experience solving the most complex family problems, return of her husband (wife) into a family favorite returns....



I am 35 years I spend with receptions of 16 years.

Magic, witchcraft great-grandmother taught me to 12 years. After her death, I continued to teach my mother. The whole family through the female line for generations worked magic. Since childhood, I was able to alone in the forest to collect the necessary herbs and knew almost all the spells seen a lot about people. For many years, I take at home customers. And as I leave for work to the client as needed. For 16 years, I have received and helped the vast number of customers ........



Of course, I am opposed to pseudo sorcerers do not accept more people a day.

Explain why a real sorcerer can not take 30 people a day.


Since you have to listen to everyone. To understand the root of the problem. See the situation to see how wisely you can help that person. After that

I do work, and do not say what I will do. On average, a person with the job may take up to 5-7 days of my work. This is not to mention the fact that people have more to bring to the result. So judge for yourself how you can manage to help the person? giving him no more than 5 minutes of time ................


And taking a huge number of customers.


As for the list of my services, it is quite wide:


-Love magic, sex magic, return loved ones, love spell, sexy tie-in, walking on the curb of the spouses (then plot a man or a woman is physically able to sleep with only one partner who has been made on this plot), a voodoo spell on, lapel, getting rid of a rival or opponent, the restoration of family relationships, the return of walking spouses. Helping people with gay (Extensive experience in the field of magical services), love spell, sex, binding, return, restore relationships, weight loss, cure of diseases (including alcoholism, drug addiction). All work carried out to their logical conclusion. Guaranteed results and 100% anonymous.


condition of receiving and remote operation:


If you do decide to do a spell, then you must be a picture of the person you wish to enchant and your photos. (Min). Or Name ch.m.g your birthday and people over which you want to do a certain action. According to my experience, I do not care of what you city, the result occurs regardless of whether you go in person to see me or else I spend working remotely. Personal techniques spend in St. Petersburg. I'm open to everybody else. Receptions spend personally.